Congratulations on your new floor! 

Here are some aftercare and cleaning tips!

  • Lightfoot traffic and smaller objects may be moved back in the day after your floor is completed (Day 3). Wait until the following day (Day 4) to drive on it. This will ensure bonding and coating cure.
  • We suggest using a mild detergent, like Simple Green, for any oil or residue clean up with a soft cloth. Light scrubbing may be required for spots like rust along with CLR cleaner if hot water does not work. Heavily soiled areas can be treated with hot water and Premier Brand Sure Scrub from, or similar neutral and non-residue leaving cleaner, along with a stiff-bristled broom/squeegee. After the wintertime use Bufferall by Rochester. It can be purchased on Amazon and other cleaning supply locations. 
  • Do NOT use any cleaner that contains acid like citric cleaners or vinegar. Wiping up any car fluids as soon as you notice them will help maintain the durability of the topcoat. *Our warranty does not cover damages resulting from battery acid or brake fluid. 
  • Regularly hosing off with water and squeegee is a safe and effective way of getting dirt and dust build-up off the floor and maintain its shine.
  • Placing pads under motorcycle kickstands, plywood under jack stands when bearing heavy loads, and using welding mats will help prevent damage to the coating’s surface.
  • Your floor can be resealed in 7-10 years, which only requires light sanding and reapplication of our polyaspartic topcoat. Routine maintenance is key to achieving a long-lasting and durable epoxy coating.